Digital Badge Master Class

The only course you will need to develop a world class badge program

Learn from the developers of one of the world’s leading digital badge programs. With more than 622 minutes of content, this course will help you become an expert in no time. Stream anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. Complete this course in a weekend or over an extended period of time. It’s your choice. Private, live virtual coaching hours will allow you to ask any question you would like and get instant feedback. Downloadable worksheets and references will help you build your program quickly — no need to create your own.


Learn from the most trusted names in the digital badge industry

David Leaser

David Leaser is the co-founder of the Digital Badge Academy. David is the founder of the one of the world’s leading-edge digital credential programs and has nearly 40 years experience developing training programs and IT programs.

Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels has more than 20 years in education and credential program development. He is broadly recognized for his work and expertise in digital credentialing and badge program development and operations, backed by an extensive background in technology and education services strategy and execution.

We will teach you everything you need to know to develop a world-class program:

  • NWhat is the business value of badges
  • NHow to build a business case
  • NHow to think like a futurist
  • NHow to facilitate change management
  • NHow to establish an operational framework
  • NHow to establish governance
  • NHow to create your team
  • NHow to pick a badging platform
  • NWhat you need to know about badge design
  • NHow to navigate data privacy issues
  • NHow to establish partnerships and alliances
  • NHow to measure your success
  • NHow to build a communications plan
  • NHow to align badges to learning & development
  • NHow to launch your program
  • NWhat you need to do post-launch

Private Coaching and Consulting

Let us help you build your digital badge and credentials program fast with personalized instruction and consulting

Whether you need virtual coaching or onsite consulting, we can help you build a world-class program in rapid time. Wecan host and deliver everything from onsite design-thinking workshops to one-on-one consulting using web conferencing.

There are 20 Lessons in this Professional Certificate


Getting started


  • NNavigating to ensure you get the most value from your learning experience.
  • NHow flip cards and lesson quizzes and downloadable worksheets and templates work
  • NHow to access links to valuable reference materials
  • NHow to schedule coaching hours with the instructors
  • NHow to earn your professional certificate is also provided in this lesson


What is a Digital Badge


  • NWhat is a digital badge?
  • NDefinitions
  • NWhy Open Badges?
  • NWhat is inside a badge?
  • NWhat are credentials?
  • NDigital badges vs. certifications and certificates
  • NHow does it work?
  • NAnatomy of a badge: The complete visual overview
  • NHow do Open Standards work?


The business value of badges


  • NHow to understand and describe the value of badges to an organization
  • NHow to develop use cases
  • NHow to develop a progression strategy
  • NHow stackable credentials programs will increase your programs value
  • NEight benefits of an incremental badge program
  • NHow to create a program which is "future proof" and aligned to your existing and future needs


Building the business case


  • NStart with why?
  • NIdentify primary types of activities
  • NDocument intended value
  • NEstablish your credential framework
  • NCreate measures of success
  • NEstablish expected costs and resources
  • NDevelop compelling storyline on value
  • NGain executive commitment and sponsorship
  • NIdentify key stakeholders and blockers
  • NEstablish timelines for pilot implementation


Case Study: Enterprise Digital Badge Program


  • NWhy they created a digital badge program
  • NWhat model did they use?
  • NThe pilot and early use cases
  • NEarly results
  • NExpanding the program beyond the pilot
  • NValue to the business units
  • NLessons learned


Think like a futurist


  • NWhy urgency is important
  • NPaint a vision
  • NPick a powerful team
  • NCreate a shiny object
  • NBe prepared to pivot
  • NMake it essential
  • NAccept rejection
  • NMost people are not visionary


Organizational Change Management


  • NWhat is OCM?
  • NOCM in four steps
  • NHow to establish communication
  • NHow to avoid failure
  • NManaging resistance


Establishing an operational framework


  • NEight elements of a digital badging framework
  • NOptimizing your organizational alignment


Establishing governance


  • NIntroduction to governance
  • NWhat is credential program governance?
  • NEstablishing a program governance team
  • NValue and benefits of governance
  • NDesigning the governance operating model
  • NImplementing and managing governance


Establishing a team


  • NHow the activities you will badge will determine your organizational structure
  • NDetermining your operational workstreams
  • NWriting the job descriptions


A Day in the Life


  • NActions a badge issuer takes during a typical day
  • NUsing a template to develop your badges
  • NHow badges fit into an overall career progression strategy


Platform and infrastructure


  • NWhat elements you must consider
  • NBuild vs. buy
  • NBenefits of Open Standards
  • NWhy your platform should be brand neutral


Self-service portal design


  • NEstablishing the rationale
  • NDefine your audience
  • NElements of a good portal design
  • NPromoting the portal


Badge design language


  • NEstablishing your definitions
  • NCreate a visual guide
  • NDefine customization guidelines


Data Privacy


  • NElements of a data privacy agreement
  • NWhere and when to share your data privacy policy
  • NEnsure data privacy is prioritized


Partnerships and alliances


  • NWho can you partner with?
  • NWhat type of relationships you might have
  • NWhat agreements should you have?
  • NBadging considerations
  • NPartner management


Measurements of Success


  • NDetermine what you are trying to achieve
  • NDetermine the way you will determine if you have succeeded
  • NEstablish a measurement system
  • NStakeholder communications


Communications plan development and execution


  • NEstablish your topline message
  • NCreate a differentiation statement
  • NCategories of personas
  • NSegment your audience
  • NAddress pain points
  • NDevelop an asset library
  • NEstablish a regular cadence for communications


Badge alignment to Learning and Development


  • NHow badge data aligns to real-world occupations and your Learning & Development program
  • NWhat metadata you should include in your badge
  • NHow badges fit into a holistic learning and development strategy


Go-live checklist


  • NWhat to expect following launch
  • NPost-launch communications
  • NCommon support needs
  • NProgram health checks

The entire master class is priced less than the cost of an average conference seat

Fast and affordable

Courses you can complete in a day

Setting the foundation for a successful digital badge program

Gain an understanding of how to navigate the course, terminology, digital badge anatomy, identifying credentialing opportunities and identifying where badging can add value to your business.

Getting buy-in for your program and managing change

Become familiar with key use cases for badging along with business justification, planning for sustainability, and gaining organizational buy-in.

Badge program structure (the right way)

Dive under the hood to learn what it takes to establish an effective operations and governance strategy for your digital badging program, including essential roles and responsibilities.

Implementing and setting up a success program

This course covers considerations for choosing a badging system, how to effectively support your stakeholders, introducing branding into your badges, data privacy considerations, and strategies for co-credentialing.

Setting the stage for success

Learn how to establish measurements of success essential for a thriving digital badging program along with strategies for messaging, ensuring alignment to L&D initiatives, and taking your program live.