Everything you need to know to plan, design and implement a successful digital badge program

Learn from the most trusted names in the digital badge industry

David Leaser

David Leaser is the co-founder of the Digital Badge Academy. David is the founder of the one of the world’s leading-edge digital credential programs and has nearly 40 years experience developing training programs and IT programs.

Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels has more than 20 years in education and credential program development. He is broadly recognized for his work and expertise in digital credentialing and badge program development and operations, backed by an extensive background in technology and education services strategy and execution.

The most comprehensive course in the industry

Digital Badge Master Class

The only course you need to develop a world class badge program

Learn from the developers of one of the world’s leading digital badge programs. With more than 622 minutes of content, this course will help you become an expert in no time. Stream anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. Complete this course in a weekend or over an extended period of time. It’s your choice. Private, live virtual coaching hours will allow you to ask any question you would like and get instant feedback. Downloadable worksheets and references will help you build your program quickly — no need to create your own.

The Digital Badge Fast Start Workshop

Move from planning to “launch-ready” in twelve weeks.


Proven system. Our digital badge fast-start program is based on a proven and pressure-tested approach for developing and implementation of your organization’s digital credential strategy.

Leading experts. Our team of credentialing experts has provided implementation consultation for hundreds of successful digital badge programs using our proven five-step model.


The fast start workshop can be delivered virtually, onsite, or as a hybrid engagement.

Fast and affordable

Courses you can complete in a day

Setting the foundation for a successful digital badge program

Gain an understanding of how to navigate the course, terminology, digital badge anatomy, identifying credentialing opportunities and identifying where badging can add value to your business.

Getting buy-in for your program and managing change

Become familiar with key use cases for badging along with business justification, planning for sustainability, and gaining organizational buy-in.

Badge program structure (the right way)

Dive under the hood to learn what it takes to establish an effective operations and governance strategy for your digital badging program, including essential roles and responsibilities.

Implementing and setting up a success program

This course covers considerations for choosing a badging system, how to effectively support your stakeholders, introducing branding into your badges, data privacy considerations, and strategies for co-credentialing.

Setting the stage for success

Learn how to establish measurements of success essential for a thriving digital badging program along with strategies for messaging, ensuring alignment to L&D initiatives, and taking your program live.

Free guidebooks, blogs and webcasts

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Private Coaching and Consulting

Let us help you build your digital badge and credentials program fast with personalized instruction and consulting

Whether you need virtual coaching or onsite consulting, we can help you build a world-class program in rapid time. Wecan host and deliver everything from onsite design-thinking workshops to one-on-one consulting using web conferencing.

CLOs, instructors and learning leaders are building their skills with Digital Badge Academy

Sara Mazen

Director of Research and Consulting National eLearning Center, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“These courses are expertly designed,and engaging, and also provide professionals with the opportunity to enhance their skill sets and advance their careers in the digital age.”

Holly Zanville

Research Professor/Program on Skills, Credentials & Workforce Policy George Washington University

“Your amazing work [with digital credentials] has been truly pioneering& pushed many of us in higher ed to move more quickly on innovations needed to improve the learn/work system.”


Don Presant

President, CanCred
by Learning Agents

“I really liked how David Leaser and Jim Daniels, who basically invented the powerful IBM Digital Badges program,drew my thoughts out. It’s been a pleasure to learn from them over the years.”


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