Getting Buy-in and Managing Change

Become familiar with successful programs with key use cases for badging along with business justification, planning for sustainability, and gaining organizational buy-in.


Learn from the most trusted names in the digital badge industry

David Leaser

David Leaser is the co-founder of the Digital Badge Academy. David is the founder of the one of the world’s leading-edge digital credential programs and has nearly 40 years experience developing training programs and IT programs.

Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels has more than 20 years in education and credential program development. He is broadly recognized for his work and expertise in digital credentialing and badge program development and operations, backed by an extensive background in technology and education services strategy and execution.

About this Course

Successful digital badging programs always begin with a solid business case. In this lesson, you will learn the importance of starting with ‘why’ the organization can benefit from a digital badge credential strategy. After covering common uses cases that lend themselves effectively to using digital badging, you will learn from the founders of IBM’s digital credential program about what it took to set the stage for executive buy-in and how IBM’s program became an embedded and permanent part of the organization’s learning culture. You will learn techniques for shaping your program by adopting a forward thinking strategy, along with essential change management best practices to help in overcoming potential resistance to establishing a credentialing program using digital badges.

What you will learn

  • NTaking advantage of what other organizations have achieved with digital badging
  • NApplying best practices necessary to gain executive buy-in and support
  • NMethods for future-proofing your digital badging program
  • NSecrets for generating enthusiasm and adoption around digital badging

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Lessons in this Course


Building the business case


  • NStart with why?
  • NIdentify primary types of activities
  • NDocument intended value
  • NEstablish your credential framework
  • NCreate measures of success
  • NEstablish expected costs and resources
  • NDevelop compelling storyline on value
  • NGain executive commitment and sponsorship
  • NIdentify key stakeholders and blockers
  • NEstablish timelines for pilot implementation


Case Study: Enterprise Digital Badge Program


  • NWhy they created a digital badge program
  • NWhat model did they use?
  • NThe pilot and early use cases
  • NEarly results
  • NExpanding the program beyond the pilot
  • NValue to the business units
  • NLessons learned


Think like a futurist


  • NWhy urgency is important
  • NPaint a vision
  • NPick a powerful team
  • NCreate a shiny object
  • NBe prepared to pivot
  • NMake it essential
  • NAccept rejection
  • NMost people are not visionary


Organizational Change Management


  • NWhat is OCM?
  • NOCM in four steps
  • NHow to establish communication
  • NHow to avoid failure
  • NManaging resistance