Setting the Stage for Success

Learn how to establish measurements of success essential for a thriving digital badging program along with strategies for messaging, ensuring alignment to L&D initiatives, and taking your program live.


Learn from the most trusted names in the digital badge industry

David Leaser

David Leaser is the co-founder of the Digital Badge Academy. David is the founder of the one of the world’s leading-edge digital credential programs and has nearly 40 years experience developing training programs and IT programs.

Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels has more than 20 years in education and credential program development. He is broadly recognized for his work and expertise in digital credentialing and badge program development and operations, backed by an extensive background in technology and education services strategy and execution.

About this Course

There is an often-used quote in business that states “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” In this lesson, you will develop the skills necessary to address important and measurable objectives that should be part of a digital badging program. You will also learn the steps for developing a comprehensive communications strategy around a digital badging program to build momentum and drive interest. Learn how to align your digital badging program to the Learning & Development side of the business from hiring to succession planning. This course covers the 10 steps associated with taking your program into production. You will also learn what to expect following launch, including how to provide ongoing support and health-check best practices to maintain program value.

What you will learn

  • NIdentify metrics and analytics that will help stay on top of your program's performance and effectiveness
  • NProduce effective communications for your stakeholders that have a positive impact on success
  • NApply techniques to ensure L&D resources and initiatives are effectively served by digital badging
  • NCreate a timetable of activities for taking your program live

Delivered in a self-paced online format

Enabling you to participate at your own pace at any location.

Mobile-friendly format

Allowing you the freedom to learn from your smartphone or digital tablet.

Learn through a variety of formats

Formats include videos, practice quizzes, presentations, & downloadable resources.

Lessons in this Course


Measurements of Success


  • NDetermine what you are trying to achieve
  • NDetermine the way you will determine if you have succeeded
  • NEstablish a measurement system
  • NStakeholder communications


Communications plan development and execution


  • NEstablish your topline message
  • NCreate a differentiation statement
  • NCategories of personas
  • NSegment your audience
  • NAddress pain points
  • NDevelop an asset library
  • NEstablish a regular cadence for communications


Badge alignment to Learning and Development


  • NHow badge data aligns to real-world occupations and your Learning & Development program
  • NWhat metadata you should include in your badge
  • NHow badges fit into a holistic learning and development strategy


Go-live checklist


  • NWhat to expect following launch
  • NPost-launch communications
  • NCommon support needs
  • NProgram health checks