Badge Program Structure

Dive under the hood to learn what it takes to establish an effective operations and governance strategy for your digital badging program, including essential roles and responsibilities.


Learn from the most trusted names in the digital badge industry

David Leaser

David Leaser is the co-founder of the Digital Badge Academy. David is the founder of the one of the world’s leading-edge digital credential programs and has nearly 40 years experience developing training programs and IT programs.

Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels has more than 20 years in education and credential program development. He is broadly recognized for his work and expertise in digital credentialing and badge program development and operations, backed by an extensive background in technology and education services strategy and execution.

About this Course

Constructing an operational framework, defining governance and establishing a support team is vital to managing, growing, and optimizing any digital badge credential program. In this lesson you will learn how to set up and optimize an operational framework, what digital badge program governance really means and who should be involved in the establishment of the governance model.  You will also learn how the choice of what to badge can influence how the program is staffed and how responsibilities are distributed across the five primary digital badge program workstreams. You will gain insights into what a typical day looks like for an active digital badge credential program, including the application of common steps and workflows for dealing with new badge requests all the way through to publication and issuing.

What you will learn

  • NStructure and optimize your program's operations and support
  • NBuild important governance and policy structure into your program
  • NUnderstand essential digital badging program roles and responsibilities
  • NCreate workflows to guide the creation, publication, and issuing of digital badges

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Lessons in this Course


Establishing an operational framework


  • NEight elements of a digital badging framework
  • NOptimizing your organizational alignment


Establishing governance


  • NIntroduction to governance
  • NWhat is credential program governance?
  • NEstablishing a program governance team
  • NValue and benefits of governance
  • NDesigning the governance operating model
  • NImplementing and managing governance


Establishing a team


  • NHow the activities you will badge will determine your organizational structure
  • NDetermining your operational workstreams
  • NWriting the job descriptions


A Day in the Life


  • NActions a badge issuer takes during a typical day
  • NUsing a template to develop your badges
  • NHow badges fit into an overall career progression strategy


Platform and infrastructure


  • NWhat elements you must consider
  • NBuild vs. buy
  • NBenefits of Open Standards
  • NWhy your platform should be brand neutral