How Google Cloud is using digital badging to foster skills transparency

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Margot Baron is the Certification and Credential Lead for Google Cloud, and she is active in the digital badging community working to transform the way we think about workplace credentials. We met Margot through an industry event and we were struck by her passion to help change lives and to think differently about the way we assess and progress talent using digital badges and digital credentials.

In this webcast, we get to hear directly from Margot about the ways Google Cloud has been working to improve skills transparency through the use of digital credentials. By using digital credentials, Margot aims to provide more transparency and clarity about an individual’s skills and expertise, making it easier to identify and surface talent insights and for professionals to showcase their abilities on a more detailed level. Margot’s work in this area is part of a larger movement towards skills-based eco-systems and professional development, which emphasizes the importance of discrete skills and competencies to augment certification and other high-stakes credentials. Through Margot’s efforts along with the passionate team she leads, Google Cloud is helping to build a more dynamic and equitable workforce that values skills above all else.

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