How the Credential As You Go initiative is rethinking the credentialing model

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In this webcast, Holly Zanville talks about the ways Credential As You Go ( is catalyzing redesign and integration of credentialing systems across states, higher education, and third-party providers, including employers, to recognize all learners for what they know and can do. Holly is a renowned expert in the field of education policy and workforce development. She is a Research Professor and Co-Director of the Program on Skills, Credentials & Workforce Policy at George Washington University. Previously she served as a strategy director at Lumina Foundation, and is a leader for Credential As You Go.

Throughout her career, Holly has worked to promote effective policies and practices that improve the quality and relevance of education and training programs. She is a leading voice in the movement to expand and improve the use of credentials, particularly those that are aligned with industry needs and can serve as reliable indicators of individuals’ knowledge and skills.

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