From Jobs to Skills: Unlocking Transformation in a Skills-Based Culture


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Many organizations are struggling to navigate the shift towards a skills-based culture. That’s where today’s guest, Katie Sievers, comes in. As Partner Experience Manager at AdeptID and a skills-first thought leader, Katie brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the table. Her expertise in skills-based hiring and developing alternative pathways into the workforce is invaluable for companies seeking to tap into a wider talent pool or increase the effectiveness of internal employee ecosystems.

Katie understands the complexities of up- and reskilling initiatives, and the importance of building a robust data infrastructure to track and measure progress. Having experience implementing talent eco-system technologies, Katie is able to bridge the gap between theoretical models and real-world application. Her background in impact evaluation and applying learning theories ensures these initiatives are not only implemented, but also effective in driving skill development and employee motivation.

If your organization is serious about transforming to a skills-based culture, but facing challenges along the way, Katie Sievers’ insights are sure to be a game-changer.

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