Lost in Translation: Demystifying CLR and LER


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This webcast shines a spotlight on differentiating between CLR (Comprehensive Learner Record) and LER (Learning and Employment Record). With a focus on improving clarity between these often misunderstood terms, Jim Daniels and David Leaser explore the core definitions and purposes of these two crucial record-keeping concepts. CLR, as a Comprehensive Learner Record, is discussed in the context of being a formal standard governing the documented format of a learner’s education and employment accomplishments and experiences. On the other hand, LER, representing a broader concept of supporting a collection of records, is discussed in terms of its role in helping establish a learning and employment records repository consisting of credentials aligned to CLR standards, as well as other accepted data formats, including digital badges. Throughout the podcast, the hosts navigate the distinctions between CLR and LER, providing a valuable resource for viewers seeking a nuanced understanding of these terms in various contexts.


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