Planning for Skills-Based Organization Transformation: Build a skills cloud using digital badges


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Skills-Based Organization (SBO) transformation is essential to achieving increased agility in the way work is organized and staffed. This is especially true in today’s modern work environment given the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of what skills are needed to drive the highest levels of organization performance. The Skills Cloud is a necessity for any organization that wants to get the most out of talent planning and up-skilling. It can help organizations to hire the right people, develop their employees, and deploy them in the right roles. The Skills Cloud is also a valuable tool for preparing for the future of work. As the workforce becomes more diverse and the skills requirements of jobs change, the Skills Cloud can help organizations to stay ahead of the curve.

In this webcast, David Leaser shares a number of compelling insights around the ways a skills cloud can add value to SBO transformation, a 6-step planing for building a skills cloud, and how digital badges and credentialing are essential to this transformation.

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